Irrigation Rotary Nozzle Retrofits Increase Profits

Irrigation Rotary Nozzle Retrofits Increase Profits

Contractors who perform irrigation rotary nozzle retrofits can increase their profits.

Property owners with existing irrigation systems which do not deliver irrigation water efficiently represent a significant market opportunity for landscape companies.

Public awareness has never been higher about the amount of water being used for landscape irrigation thanks to extreme droughts particularly in California and Texas.

There are millions of installed spray heads still using fixed arc nozzles.  You can develop new sales opportunities by developing a marketing program to target property owners to upgrade their systems to more efficient rotary nozzles.

Build an irrigation nozzle retrofit marketing plan

To get started making money on this opportunity start by building a plan.

Define your market

Focus on your previous and existing customers and all of their next door neighbors within your targeted geographic market. Each spray head on each property which has an old vintage fixed arc nozzle represents dollar bills waiting for you.

Irrigation skill sets required

Irrigation ability – You will need to be able change out the sprinkler nozzles correctly. This will require following manufacturer installation guidelines and making sure the correct nozzle arc pattern is installed.

You will need to be able to make sure each sprinkler head is adjusted properly after the nozzle is installed. Once the nozzles are installed you will need to check controller run times and adjust each zone based on the nozzle manufacturer recommendations. You will need to be able to have a working knowledge of how to reschedule different types of controllers.

Knowledge of the benefits of the rotary nozzles You will need to be able to explain the benefits rotary nozzles provide to the property owner. Your marketing communications and employee training  need to be comprehensive enough to answer property owner questions.

Marketing to your targets

Communicate you offer clearly – For each of the marketing communication methods below, clearly state the benefits the customer will receive.  Make sure your marketing communication materials clearly state every different way the customer can contact you. Include a call to action and a special offer to get the customer motivated to contact you immediately.

Marketing communication materials

Single sheet promotional hand out – Develop a post card or a single sheet flier to promote the new irrigation nozzle retrofit service offering. You should design this flier to be able to be used in several different ways. Include the flier in your customer statements, or attach to invoices you are presenting to your customers. The promotional flier should be designed so you can also use as a direct mail piece.

Direct mail – Direct mail is more expensive than email or a posting on your website, but that does not mean it does not work. It is a part of your marketing communication mix. Review your customer database and focus on the neighborhoods or areas you know have higher incomes. Select a small sample of that database to keep your costs low as you start. It is better to mail three times to the customers you targeted in your database than to a larger group once.

Social Media – Use your company’s Facebook page to announce your new service offering. Start taking pictures of your retrofits and occasionally post these pictures on your Facebook page and briefly mention the savings and benefits that yet another customer of yours has just received. Make sure you always include a call to action in your Facebook page such as your phone number or email address. Do not forget to appeal to the customer’s internal desire that saving water is not just about saving money, it is about saving valuable resources. Remind them that they are doing their part in this effort.

E-Mail – If you have properly nurtured your relationships with your customers, they will be receptive to receiving occasional emails from you. Make sure your email provides value in form of information and money savings. Pay close attention to the subject line in your email because this might be the only line they read when the email arrives in their inbox.  And make sure they know it is from your company.

Website – Make sure you have this service posted on your website and it is clearly marked as a new service you are offering. If possible include testimonials and pictures of you completing a nozzle change out in their local neighborhood. Consider adding links on your website to specific videos on the manufacturers website to give your offer more credibility. If you receive permission from the manufacturer you might want to embed these videos on your website so they stay on your site! Make sure you create a link to a landing page on your website that provides a call to action to create a new lead for you. Your call to action should also include an option to send more information.

Remember, a customer who expresses interest is still a good prospect. Your follow-up to the request for more information can be as simple as mailing your flier to the customer or through email with a short personal note.

Irrigation nozzle retrofits can be a very lucrative service offering your business can undertake. Be sure to look into how you can also increase your profits by upgrading irrigation controllers and other sensor devices into your irrigation service offering.



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