Time Management

time management

Time Management


What a great quote and how logical and easy it appears.  However, in reality it is one of the hardest things we face in life and many brilliant people have dedicated their lives to help us here.  Think of Steven Covey and two of his seminal works, “Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People” and “Putting First Things First”.   The topic has been raised, discussed, lectured, laid out and even outlined and it remains a difficult yet determinant step to success.

If you have read the article on “Why We Fail As Landscape Service Providers…and Small Businesses!“, you know what it says on owners trying to do it all and not getting out of their own way.  Essentially, owners as executives need to spend more time working on the business and not in the business (a central theme of the heralded E-Myth book series by Michael Gerber which is really being pushed in this industry right now).  Spend time working on key relationships, developing your unique selling proposition, developing your people and processes and other areas of that magnitude. If it is a struggle to rationalize how you can justify the time shift or trust that someone can do it as well as you, spend some time thinking through both of those issues.  How can you improve top and/or bottom line so you can afford to hire some help or how can you improve your willingness and ability to delegate?  There is a world of professional development material out there on this (start with Covey’s Seven Habits section on Stewardship Delegation…google it or just delegation, you will be amazed.)  Ultimately, your businesses success depends on you spending your time wisely.

Two final thoughts in closing.  First, we only have so many hours in a day and we must spend them wisely. If we don’t develop a plan and/or method of how our time should be spent, others will do that for us (this is a guarantee).   Two, if you are left with an appetite for more, .start with this download on Manage Your Time and Your Life.   It is a fabulous overview by the Claros Group and is only three pages.  If you still want more, try the books or methods mentioned above or research some more formal training.


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