Landscape Contractor Website Context is Critical

Landscape Contractor Website Context is Critical

Your potential customers can find a million landscape ideas on the internet.

So your landscape contractor website needs to provide your perspective client the proper context for potential clients to contact you.

What the heck does that mean?

Take this example. A prospective client scours the internet and comes up with 35 beautiful pictures of different plants, exotic outdoor living spaces and a trellis draped in a beautiful flowering vine.  When you get together with your prospective client, you start to share reality with them.  The plants they picked out online won’t grow in your climate zone and soils, and the outdoor living kitchen will cost fives times their budget.  Oh, and that flowering trellis is going to create a huge maintenance mess.

Congratulations, you just found yourself providing context to your customer, based on your landscape contractor experience.  Your experience is able to filter the information they gathered across the internet and put that information in the proper context.

Contractors provide reality to end users of what can actually get accomplished on their property and within their budget. You are constantly managing expectations, because you can put their situation in the proper context.

So, what does this mean in regard to a landscape contractor website and context?

Your landscape contractor website provides context to the subject matter,  when you make the information relevant to their situation.  A prospective client wants to put the information about their potential landscape in a context to which they can relate.   Connecting context and relevance will help establish you as an authoritative source.

A great resource article on context marketing from provides the following definition of context marketing as “delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time.”  You will want to make sure your web presence keeps this in mind as you develop the content.

When you begin to establish yourself as an authoritative source, you are setting up your company to achieve a greater profit on each job.

Review your website now and see if you are providing context to your customers with the language you use on your site, the pictures you use and how you present the information.

In today’s search engine optimization world, the key to success is stated by saying if CONTENT is KING than CONTEXT is QUEEN.


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