Invasive Plants and the California Drought

Invasive Plants and the California Drought


Landscape professionals looking to satisfy customer requests to plant drought resistant landscapes need to be careful to avoid invasive plants that are indeed drought resistant – but pose a larger problem to California landscapes.

Improving your knowledge on California invasive plants can help differentiate you from your competitors. Practically all property owners now in California are looking for tough, drought resistant plant material, and a lot of invasive plant material fit that description.  There are resources readily available to you to keep yourself current.

Landscape industry professionals would benefit from reviewing the eight page brochure from Plant Right on Invasive Plants and Horticulture in California.  This overview will provide you industry information and put in industry context for you the invasive plant issue.

With so many nursery sources available to the California Landscape Professional many of these plants are still on the market today.  As reported by the LA Times, Home Depot and Armstrong Growers have moved away from selling invasive plants, but the thirst for drought tolerant invasive plants is still widespread.

A tremendous resource for you to improve your knowledge is the website for the California Invasive Plant Council (CAL-IPC).  As described on their website, Cal-IPC’s “mission is to protect California’s lands and waters from ecologically-damaging invasive plants through science, education and policy.”

Here are some excellent website resources to help you improve your knowledge.

This is topic you may want to include in your presentations to customers and on your website or social media. Showing your clients your knowledge and keeping your marketing current can help your business grow.





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