The Newest Tool To Aid In The Western Water World – Dropcountr

The Newest Tool To Aid In The Western Water World – Dropcountr

What’s new in the world of irrigation you ask? How about an app that tells you how well you are actually doing against your water usage goals? Integrated right into meter with real time updates and messages. It’s here and it’s called Dropcountr. According to the press release, “…they are the leading provider of digital water conservation solutions, and have released the first flagship utility product CLEAR, a meter-agnostic Meter Data Management (MDM) platform that enables utilities to efficiently meet increasing state and federal water conservation goals. Ushering in a new wave of smart monitoring and efficient reporting, CLEAR functions as a traditional MDM solution, but goes beyond to provide strained water utilities first-time access to visual monitoring and reporting, tailored customer care, meter-agnostic analytics and flexible filtering.

Purissima Hills Water District, a Dropcountr customer and user of CLEAR, sees the benefits of the platform. “We needed a simple, but powerful MDM solution to monitor our service area, so we chose to use CLEAR,” said Patrick Walter, General Manager, Purissima Hills Water District.

Designed to meet the needs of utilities and municipalities across the U.S., Dropcountr is initially targeting the drought-stricken West with its first flagship utility product, CLEAR. Whether a utility is managing a service area of 5,000 residents or 5 million, CLEAR’s simple user interface visually maps daily, monthly and annual water consumption and identifies user trends, problematic water hogs and damaging leaks. And, utilities can now quickly aggregate and export monthly usage data for newly codified reporting regulation in a matter of a few clicks.”


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