Getting Started at Acquiring Customers

Getting Started at Acquiring Customers


Building up a business backlog requires you to keep new customer acquisition as a top priority to keep your business moving.

Especially in younger businesses, the owners will often need to obsess about acquiring new customers and develop processes on how to nurture a strong referral network of satisfied customers.

In building your customer acquisition plans and processes, your business plan helps direct what type of customers your business is targeting. Your business strategy focuses on concentrating your business resources on only the type of work and customer that will create the greatest amount of value for your company.

Developing the secret sauce on how to acquire only the type of customers and work which create the greatest valuation for your company will take time to develop and refine.  You may be acquiring customers, but are they the right type of customer?  Investments in some technologies or field equipment may give one company an advantage over another landscape company, but are those really the primary drivers which enable companies to acquire the most profitable customers?

Some people believe that price is the reason why some companies are more successful, and claim that volume purchases or access to more resources is the reason why. But many studies have shown price is not the leading consideration for selecting service professionals in several industries. Especially for small businesses, personal service, attention to detail and quality workmanship will generate positive referrals.  The positive referral is more important than the price.

Acquiring the more profitable customer and providing services that create the greatest economic value for your business are cornerstones of your company’s customer acquisition plan. The companies which have learned to acquire and retain the type of customers who provide a higher rate of return for their business have spent considerable time developing their resources to create this type of customer.

And here is some more good news, you don’t have to be a big company to make that secret sauce.


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