Getting Started with Job Site Advertising

Getting Started with Job Site Advertising




Marketing and advertising your landscape business on the job site and on your trucks can help you generate more leads and greater awareness within your target markets.

For small landscape businesses these are critical marketing and advertising investments to make and think through. The benefits of why job site and fleeting marketing are pretty obvious. When you are doing work in residential areas, your work is immediately being judged by the neighbors and your professionalism as well as your product are being evaluated.

If the neighbors like what they see, they want to be able to get your company name, your phone number, your license number and your website address to begin their investigation about your business. A failure to provide that information on the job site with yard signs and brochures, or your truck marking would be a huge missed opportunity.

Clean and well marked trucks speak volumes to your professional standards.  Establishing your professionalism through your truck marking and uniforms is not only important to potential and current customers, it also establishes credibility for your business with your suppliers and other landscape professionals. If this is your company and your profession, should you not do everything to make your company appear professional?

You will want to make sure you know what the rules or codes are for the neighborhoods you are working in and what is allowed in regards to job site advertising. Certain municipalities or home owner associations may prohibit these types of advertisements.  In fact, most cities may have very strict code requirements on job site requirements you need to investigate.  For example, a review of the City of Beverly Hills, California Construction Project Daily Maintenance List clearly states that job site signs and advertising are prohibited.

How your crews handle on site considerations is also a key form of marketing and advertising your business as well.  As you may have seen on the Beverly Hills maintenance check list, there are many other factors for you to manage and this may include suppliers you have coming to your job site. Where your trucks are parked on public right of way, where job site materials may be unloaded, where you park trucks –  and more – can all come into play.

There is a lot going on the job site every time you arrive, and how your company appears, behaves and acts as a good neighbor are all important considerations in the marketing and advertising of your small business.

  • Truck marking
  • Job site signs and banners
  • Door hangers
  • Brochures included on the job site sign
  • Local codes
  • Uniforms for employees
  • License numbers


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