WordPress For Landscape Professionals

WordPress For Landscape Professionals


Whether it is your first website, or you want to revamp an existing site, you may find yourself using WordPress.

Today, WordPress has become one of the largest content management systems being used on the internet today.  Wordpress is a free and open source content management system. WordPress enjoys great popularity because of its ready to use templates and plug-in architecture.

Often you may hear that WordPress is super easy to use. If you can use a word processing program, you can use WordPress. While there is some truth to that statement, it is actually more complicated than that depending on your site, and what you want to accomplish.  For many small businesses working on a very small marketing budget, WordPress can be a great way to build a website.

Getting set up with WordPress is very easy to do through many website providers like Godaddy.com.  For most small businesses it is worth the small fee to use these website sources to set up WordPress, so you don’t have to worried about how to download and install WordPress. Once WordPress is installed you can get started at selecting a theme for your business.

Basically, themes are templates you choose from to give a different look and feel to your website.  There are countless themes to choose from, and you will want to make sure you choose a theme that is well supported. A WordPress theme is open source software, and open source software has it pros and cons. One of the cons you face in selecting your theme is how well it is supported.  You don’t want to pick a theme that was developed by one person in their basement in a foreign country, and not supported six months later.  On going support of themes are important, because like all software, WordPress is constantly upgrading the underlying software.

The framework technology WordPress operates on is PHP, which is a general purpose scripting language.1 If your work strictly within the design of the template you choose, you most likely would not need to too concerned about having to know or understand PHP coding.

Wordpress Theme DirectoryOnce you dive into the WordPress world, you find amazing resources you can look at for free.  You go to the WordPress Theme Gallery to see all of the WordPress themes. Be sure to look at the different selections that are available to you to look at – Featured, Popular, Latest and the Featured Filter. Remember, so far we are looking at open source free themes. Once you start seeing some of these themes, you will start recognizing some of these themes while you are on the internet.

Premium Theme Companies

When you are looking at the WordPress Theme Gallery, you are looking at themes which are free.  As mentioned, WordPress is constantly upgrading their software, and how well some of these themes are supported over time is important. There are premium theme companies that develop their own themes and sell those themes for very reasonable fees. For these premium theme companies to grow and retain customers, they develop and make sure their themes are kept current with WordPress.

There are a number of reviews available online which cover these premium companies. Here is where trying to get information can be a bit difficult, because some of these reviews come from WordPress blogs who may be working on affiliate programs, which means they earn commissions on sales leads that come from their blog. If you are developing a website with WordPress, you may want to use one of these premium framework companies. To review one good list of reviews, read this review of WordPress premium sites, which comes from Flywheel, which is a WordPress hosting and site management company.

Whether you are trying to develop your own WordPress site, or are using a company that uses WordPress themes, or premium themes, you now know that WordPress is a leading content management system, which can be very affordable, and offer businesses a wide range of templates (themes) to help get your website started.



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