Truck Advertising & Job Site Signage…Great Advertising Opportunities!

Mosquito Guard Vehicle Wrap

Truck Advertising & Job Site Signage…Great Advertising Opportunities!

Mosquito Guard Vehicle Wrap

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Of all the marketing investments you can and should make, truck branding and advertising and job site signage are two of the best.

Let’s start with the truck.  Your truck is a rolling and stationary sign.

Not only is your truck in the area and market where you do your work, your target market, but it is on the road at high traffic times and parked in the specific area you are working during low and concentrated traffic times.

So what does all this mean in terms of actual numbers?

Hard to say as no two cases will be the exact same, but, according to an Ads on Wheels post on home contractors, “On a typical eight-hour day in a major market, your vehicle wrap will be viewed by over 100,000 people. And if you drive just 15,000 miles per year, your fleet truck ads will pass in front of nine million other vehicles full of potential customers! It would cost millions in advertising dollars to reach that many people on TV, radio or in print. And fleet truck ads can last up to five years. So, by making the initial investment in truck ads for your entire fleet, you will continue to see a return on that investment for years to come.”

If cost is your next question, let’s refer to that Ads on Wheels post again which says, “The average cost to wrap the entire sides and back of a 16’ box truck is only $3,000. This includes full design, print, and professional installation.”  Bear in mind this is an average and your costs can be higher or lower.

There are lower cost options to full wraps.  If you just don’t have the budget, you can do lettering, decals, magnets and more.  Some other sites and resources to look into that offer alternatives are,,,, and just to name a few of the larger national players.

Word to the wise, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish with critical brand and marketing investments.

As we discuss job signs, let’s look at a residential example.  The house’s location and your time on the job ultimately determines how many brand impressions you make with your truck, work and job signs. The job sign is for the person that wants to engage or advocate your brand.  They like your work and want to get in touch with you or want to write it down for future reference.

Job signs also act as a referral and social proof.  Of course, this assumes your presence in the area and relationship with the client is all good.

Another key principle at work here is what many marketers call lifestyle segmentation, “Birds of a feather flock together.” If you landed a good customer in the neighborhood, it is highly likely there are others just like him or her in the neighborhood. Point is your chances of landing more customers in this neighborhood are probably good. Some sort of follow up, direct mail, door hanger or even an unsolicited proposal to the neighbors is always a good idea, but it needs to be timely.

While community based signage, signs placed in high traffic areas, is a growing practice, beware and be cautious. There are a wide range of rules and regulations about this practice and they vary by location. This type of signage can be effective but be cautions and think about long term brand implications as well.

Some resources for signage are,,,,, and the list goes on.  Just Google yards signs or landscape business yard signs and you will have many different types of options.

You should allocate some level of budget to these two critical areas. In the end, they will help you grow your business and your brand!

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