Field Mapping Technology Can Benefit Your Business

Field Mapping Technology Can Benefit Your Business


How many of the properties you help maintain have computerized as-built documentation?

If you are looking for news ways to differentiate and grow your business, consider using in field technology which helps you create as-built maps of new and existing job sites.

At the recent Irrigation Association Show in Long Beach California, Juniper Systems displayed their Juniper AspectTM  a mobile mapping solution which helps professionals develop accurate as-built and field asset documentation verified by GIS (geographic information system) technology. Basically, the unit gives you the ability to document project sites for almost every service you would offer to your clients. The unit has built in database with manufacturer part numbers and descriptions to help you quickly document the project site.

Today’s property managers are looking for more of their information to be delivered to them through the cloud, and the Juniper AspectTM  mobile and desktop software enables you to provide information back to your client with ESRI and Bing imagery and multiple reporting methods.

Other benefits to your business with this type of technology would be:

  • Faster repairs by your field personnel to locate system components
  • Water conservation records for your irrigation audits
  • GPS verifiable documentation for customer billing
  • Arriving at the job site with the right repair products – save on trips to your suppliers!

This is landscape irrigation mapping software and GPS/GIS technology that could help grow revenues for your company.


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