Landscape Professionals Promoting El Niño Gets Easier For Drainage Sales

Landscape Professionals Promoting El Niño Gets Easier For Drainage Sales

Landscape Professionals Promoting El Nino

Landscape Professionals Promoting El Nino | picture by pixabay

Many landscape contractors realize that updating their social media profiles and websites with fresh content can help drive new business and referrals their way.

The problem though is finding content that stays fresh and relevant.

One manufacturer who is trying to make sure their presence is in the public spotlight with the wildly anticipated El Niño rain season is NDS, a leader in solutions for efficient stormwater management and drainage.  Launching a special landing El Niño page on their website, NDS is making materials available for landscape professionals to promote drainage right now to their customers.

Adding drainage to a landscape professionals sales offering is a great business service to offer. In many parts of the country it can be an after thought offering, but in states like California with severe slopes drainage is anything but an option. The El Niño page is available with videos and other information that can help inform your customer on the reasons why your company should install drainage, and some of the problems that proper drainage can help prevent such as mold in the home’s structure.

“For homeowners expecting to deal with El Nino rains, preparation is key,” said Ryan Larsen, a civil engineer at NDS, also known as “Dr. Drainage” in NDS’s educational YouTube video series on drainage products and systems. “Many homeowners don’t realize that heavy rains can cause major repair costs and loss in property value. Assessing your home and yard for trouble areas and fixing drainage issues before they become potentially expensive problems will save money and give you better peace of mind once the rains start falling.”

This type of of marketing material can make it easier for landscape professionals to promote drainage quickly by posting links to this page on their websites, Facebook accounts and other social media platform. NDS has also provided an infographic you can link to provide selling points to your customers.

Keeping fresh content on your website and social media platforms is important to keep your company front and center in your local SEO (search engine optimization) efforts for landscape companies.

Here are the tips included in the NDS press release you can utilize.

On NDS’s “El Nino Resources” webpage NDS outlined a number of El Nino Readiness Tips for Homeowners. These include:

  • Find Your Problem Areas: Look for pooled up areas of water, clogged rain gutters or rainspouts and musty smelling basements or garages
  • Clear out Your Drain Gutters: Perform this task at the beginning of each rain season, or periodically throughout the year if you live in a consistently wet area
  • Build up a Dirt Perimeter: Use the law of gravity to your advantage and build up the dirt around your house so that water is flowing away from it
  • Fill in Your Holes: Fill in holes on your property with dirt to ensure proper water distribution and drainage
  • Determine Your Freeze Line: Install piping below the freeze line to ensure your system will still be draining through your release point – even if you see frost on the ground
  • Know Your Soil Type: Determine if you have clay (will roll into a snake form easily) or sandy soil to decide on the type of drainage system you should install
  • Mind the 10-Foot Radius Rule: Make sure you’re installing solid drainage pipe when you’re within a 10-foot radius of your home to hold in the water




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