Hardscape Rammer Tool for Landscape Professionals

For many parts of the country landscape professionals are working on their business plans to improve their sales and more importantly their profits for next year. That often means considering new lines of services that can add more revenue to each project.

This new light weight rammer video from Weber MT video caught our eye because it looked like the type of product that might be useful for landscape professionals who do patios and walkways for their residential accounts. These types of soil compactors are just one of the tools you need if you are going to consider adding hardscaping services to your business plans for next year. 

Like many other services you might consider for your landscape operations, there is a lot to consider before jumping in to a new line of service or work. Hardscaping is a huge part of the outdoor living trend, but like many other services you might be considering product and installation knowledge is important before you start. One of areas you can receive training on hardscape installation is through the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute. The ICPI is a tremendous resource and offers educational seminars and online webinars and training.

If you are new to the hardscape business, you will want to make sure you understand the rules of engagement with suppliers who will request freight minimums and freight charges, and may require full pallet purchases only and more. Of course, since hardscape product elements are so freight intensive you will want to make sure you understand all of your local sources of supply for both interlocking pavers, natural stone, base materials and more. Know what your freight charges are to each of your jobsite locations, because it will vary.  Suppliers will require fees for use of their fork lift trucks on their trucks, and keep in mind these charges are necessary for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is the time it takes to strap and unstrap their loads, and their forklifts.

With the well publicized California drought and the intense scrutiny on water conversation, more landscape professionals are looking to other services such as hardscaping. Hardscape installation also requires a lot of other new tools will require an investment by your company. Your local suppliers are often your best source to help you get started in the business.

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