Generation Me – Taking Over In Many Ways!

Generation Me – Taking Over In Many Ways!

Generation Me

Cover Photo Crop From Jean Twenge’s book, Generation Me

Which generation is projected to be the largest at the end of the year (numbering just over 75 million)?

Which generation makes up more than a third of the homebuyers (and is the youngest generation of buyers)?

Which generation makes up more than 1 in 3 workers in America and is the largest share of the workforce?

Which generation turns to social media and the internet for their ideas, inspiration and information?

Which generation gets called “generation me” but truly cares about the environment and sustainability?

And the answer is…the Millineals, aka the “Entitlement Generation”, “Generation Me”. This giant group born in the 80’s and 90’s will be to our future what the boomers were to the 90’s and roaring 2000’s (pre-bust of course).

So why all the fuss? This is the next big wave of customers for all of us and they are different than boomers and X’ers. They source their ideas and inspiration on YouTube, Pinterest, and other social platforms. They use apps, smart phones, color envisioning programs and maybe even Google sketch up for drawings. Bottom line, they rely on and trust their social circles and are tech savvy.

The marketers are catching on to this and are adjusting their tools. Anyone see Scott’s latest announcement on the connected yard. Look at it and click on the links. Notice what they are saying, “Finally, dirt meets data with Gro, an app that will help you turn inspiration into action for a yard you’ll love. We’ll be with you every inch of the way.” Pay attention to the ads on social media. You’ll see them all – retailers like Lowe’s and pros like Hunter and RainBird.

By paying attention to what these marketers are doing you will glean ideas to help you in marketing to this generation. In this article from GardenCenter magazine, they tell you to go digital, teach them, stay on top of trends, and get the word out. These tips transcend the garden centers and are good advice to all pursuing this generation.

Last but not least, remember Millineals love their individualism. Anything you can do to foster that will help but do not sell! Studies show Millennials don’t like brands that explicitly sell.

For more insights and a more thorough read, try “Meet The Millineals.”



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