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Here is a whole new approach to advertising your company in the Landscape Industry.  Landscape Today takes a local first approach to help local businesses get their message in front of landscape professionals. 

Here is our rate card to advertise. Your advertisement is $20 a month regardless of size.  For local businesses you can promote a local event, promotion or product special for free.  There are also 12 free advertising spaces available for each Metro area reserved for locally based businesses.  These are available on a first come, first serve basis, and are only good for 12 companies.  Keep reading to find out how your business can participate! 

Self Service to Keep Costs Low

Landscape Today uses a self service advertising interface, which allows local businesses to directly upload their advertisement, local events, local products and local promotions.  To be able to use the self service system, you need to subscribe to Landscape Today first. 


Build Your Business with a $20 Ad for Each Metro Area

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Why should you place an advertisement on Landscape Today?

  • Your ad will be placed only in the markets you want to reach.
  • Your ad will be extremely affordable – just $20 for each Metro area.

What Makes Landscape Today Different? We believe there is a very large opportunity to help local businesses cost effectively market to landscape businesses using a digital first platform.  Today, local businesses are trying to reach local landscape professionals through their own websites, their sales force, trade association publications or Google Adwords. 

For regional or national companies paying a high price for national coverage the potential return on investment may not make sense. When you can target the markets you want, you can limit your financial risk to areas with the greatest potential.

A Digital First Approach Delivers LOCAL Audiences First

The Landscape Today target audience – the landscape professional – will see advertisements based on their internet protocol (ip) address. For landscape professionals who work for larger companies, they may not be able to see the local advertisements, if their organizations run their computer networks outside their market. 

However, Landscape Today through our content and business plans are focused on reaching and helping small to medium size landscape industry business owners.  Landscape Today believes the vast majority of these small to medium size businesses will almost always get their information through a local computer network.

180x150 Your Nursery
180x150 t&o

Business Transactions Happen Locally

The landscape industry is a hyper local business. The landscape professional cares most about what is going on in the local market. Landscape Today believes that the more we can deliver local content and have local businesses advertise, our media product will be more relevant to our audience. Most of the local businesses who want to reach these landscape professionals, also tend to be small to medium size companies with very limited marketing budgets.

Landscape professionals purchase a very high percentage of the products they use from sources within the market. For national manufacturers who market through local distribution outlets, we offer an extremely low cost way to market your products.

Low Cost Marketing Opportunities

Landscape Today is offering a limited inventory of advertising spots for each of the Metro areas across the United States. These are being offered at a very low rate – just $20 a month for any advertisement placement for each Metro area. This low rate is designed to encourage those local businesses to place an advertisement. This low rate for each Metro area is also designed to help larger manufacturers target specific markets which may have different needs, or to run side by side tests of marketing opportunities. For example, a side by side test of the Miami Metro area versus the Orlando Metro area could be done for $40.


Cherry Pick Your Markets

Be the first to pick the top markets for $20 per market. 

Some markets are little tastier than other markets so don't wait!  Yes, we know some ad placements are bigger and better than others, but we just want to make this real simple - $20 gets you an ad in any market.

The best thing about our offer is that you don't need to pay for markets where your don't market your business or products. Just be where you want to be! 

For the local business this is a low cost potential large reward opportunity. For larger companies with a wide range of different products and market conditions you more effectively target your messages and offers.

Start picking the cherries! 

Landscape Today Metro Areas

The software Landscape Today uses to target your advertisements uses Metro area assignments. The Metro areas are the same metro assignments that are widely used throughout the advertising industry to define media markets.

These media markets are widely used especially in the television broadcast advertising circles. The exact boundaries of these Metro areas are constantly evolving and in many cases may cross state and county lines.

Based on industry knowledge and experience, Landscape Today believes these Metro areas by themselves provide businesses who are trying to reach landscape professionals, a great way to get much closer to driving more market specific advertising and marketing. For example, the Metro area assignments for Los Angeles, San Diego, New York or Atlanta, gives you enough information to pinpoint your market message.

You can use the Metro area assignments on a standalone basis or by combining them together. For example, if you want to reach the Southern CA market, you can do this by using three Metro areas - Los Angeles, San Diego and Palm Desert.


Advertising Inventory Space

The Landscape Today advertising available inventory is based on each Metro area. There is a limit to each of the advertisement spaces. For each Metro area the amount of inventory is shown below. These advertising spaces appear throughout the different pages on Landscape Today.

Landscape Today Logo Leaderboard-c
LT 468 x 60-1
LT 468 x 60-2
LT 300 x 250
LT 300 x 250 - 2
LT 300 x 250 - 3
LT 180 x 150-1
LT 180 x 150-2
LT 180 x 150-3
LT 180 x 150-4
LT 125 x 125
LT 125 x 125 -2
LT 125 x 125 -3
LT 125 x 125 -4


Free Advertising for Local Products, Special Offers and Special Events

There are three specific places where local businesses that target landscape professionals can advertise for free. These pages are available through the News and Products sections of Landscape Today. Local Products, Local Marketplace and Local Events are for local businesses to market their companies. You can place your advertisements directly from this page - you just need to subscribe to Landscape Today first to be able to market your message.

LT Product Page-2
Marketplace Demo 2
LT-Sample Ad 300 250
Local AD Block

Free Advertising Placement for Local Businesses.

In addition to being able to place free ads for products, local promotions and events, Landscape Today offers 12 different businesses the opportunity to place a 120x90 banner advertisement about your business for each different Metro area.

These ads will be good for 60 days, and you will just need to renew your ad every 60 days to hold your spot! To place your free ad, you will need to subscribe to Landscape Today - don't worry, it's free as well! These ads are strictly reserved for local businesses. 

weedsinlawnUsing Metro Areas to Build Seasonal Campaigns

There are thousands of different products sold in the landscape industry, which are seasonal in nature and vary by regions of the country.  Landscape Today can help you build targeted campaigns to run during these key periods. Spend your marketing dollars when and where they need to be at the right time.

Digital First Offers You More Marketing Opportunities

The underlying structure of Landscape Today was built in a manner to provide readers and businesses more opportunity to put content and marketing messages in the right place and the right time on Landscape Today. For example, we can build supplemental marketing campaigns that bring up different types of messages based on content category. For example, if you only want to have your ad or offer appear only on content that is in the irrigation category, we can do this. Not only do we want to help you get to the right local market, we want to help you pinpoint your message in the context of what the Landscape Today audience is reviewing.

Why wait? Start pumping up your business!

Enroll today as an advertising subscriber so you can start more effectively promoting your business and your products.