The Opportunity

The Problem and the Opportunity

For those businesses wanting to reach the landscape professional, marketing opportunities through news and information outlets are limited to either national print publications, or local trade association publications.

Many companies who try to reach landscape professionals often find it frustrating to effectively reach the landscape professional.

How can companies find a way to cost effectively reach the landscape professional on both a regional and national level?  What company today has a vested interest in providing a broad range of information and resources to landscape professionals?

Scattered Resources

For a landscape professional to solve a problem they will turn to many different sources.

Depending on the problem to be solved, they will turn to their suppliers, manufacturer websites, trade magazines or most likely - a simple Google search. 

Landscape Today begins the journey of consolidating information and resources for the landscape professional in one place.  

By bringing together different resources and putting them into the context of the landscape industry, Landscape Today will provide a benefit to all industry stakeholders.

Solving the Problem

Landscape Today starts with the premise that landscape professionals worry first about the financial health of their business and facing the challenges every business day brings.

Every big business was small once. Let us find a way to help improve the every day problems the small business landscape professional faces.

Why A Digital First Solution Matters

Print advertising in trade publications and association newsletters will always exist.  But today there is a growing trend for people turning to online sources first for news and information.

The business models of traditional news organizations and trade journals are rapidly evolving. Landscape Today delivers longer lasting evergreen content to the industry, and use today's technologies to deliver relevant content based on a user's location.

The Under Served Market

Landscape Today offers companies, who are trying to reach the landscape professional, a targeted way to reach specific metropolitan markets for a very low cost.  

For suppliers in local markets, Landscape Today offers limited free advertising to those suppliers in an effort to make content and advertising as local and as relevant as possible. 

We encourage any company who is trying to reach the landscape professional to "cherry pick" local markets with our advertising opportunities.