Who is Behind Landscape Today?


Landscape Today LLC is a digital media platform designed for the landscape industry. The content we provide is a mixture of original content, links to other resources and articles. Our primary source of revenue is from advertising sponsors.

Landscape Today provides business and product news on a national and regional basis with a strong focus on the small business owner.  We provide a mixture of regional and national content to provide value to our readers and advertisers.

The founders of Landscape Today are Tom Childers and Brian Day.

Business First and Foremost

Landscape Today strives to provide content based on a business first approach. Running a small business is a lot of hard work. 

Today there are many small business resources available. But who has time to discover these different sources of information, when you are running a small business? Many small business resources you can find are not framed within the context of the landscape industry. 

For the small landscape business owner, like yourself, Landscape Today strives to organize the information needed in our different sections of Grow, Operate, Resources, Products and News.