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Accounting & Finance

accounting and financeThe Accounting and Finance section provides basic and introductory information.  This section is not intended to provide business advice, consultation and/or recommendations in any way.  

Should you need accounting, cash flow, finance, insurance, bonding or risk management assistance in your business, you are advised to talk to the properly credentialed professional.

Accounting Software for Landscape Today

Getting Started with Accounting Software

Whether you are looking to leave the world of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or step up to a more robust accounting system, finding and picking out the right accounting software package is not easy.  It is a demanding decision and one you want to get right. Lucky for all of us, the web is loaded with […]


Accounts Receivable – A Necessity That Must Be Managed With Care

As we all know, Accounts Receivable are a necessary part of any business that must be managed with diligence and care (we are assuming accrual basis in this discussion.) Extending credit which creates your accounts receivables is often necessary because you want the work and must agree to some kind of payment terms with the customer. […]


Attracting and Retaining Talent – A Top 2015 Risk According to Travelers

Everywhere you turn in our industry, attracting and retaining employees is on the list of top concerns.  In fact, it is number one in many people’s mind.  Makes you wonder if we alone or are other industries in a similar bind? According to the Travelers 2015 Business Risk Index Summary, we are not alone.  “Attracting […]

Earnings Quality in the Green Industry

We’ve all heard or read about “quality of earnings” but have you ever stopped to think about what that means to a green industry contractor or why it’s important? According to Investopedia, “…firms with high-quality earnings typically generate above-average price to earnings multiples (higher stock prices). They also tend to outperform the market for a longer time. More reliable than other earnings, high-quality earnings give investors a good reason to pay more.”