Financing Your Business and Growth

Financing Your Business and Growth

calculator-385506_1280Small business financing is not easy and never has been.  When you have money, everyone is willing to lend you money.  But when you don't have money and you need access to more capital it is not so easy.  

With the on slaughter of alternative lenders, things will change but just how much is yet to be seen. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers recently said at the 2015 LendIt Conference he expects online lenders to eventually reach more than 70% of the small businesses.  A key advantage of these lenders that will appeal to our industry is the speed of the process, but you must understand the costs involved to fully evaluate it. 

Bottom line, small business options are growing, the internet is helping, but dig in and do your homework to know the real cost of the money.


Finance Your Business – A Thorough Explanation from the SBA

The following article is an excellent and thorough explanation on financing your business.  It is from the Small Business Administration’s website section entitled Finance Your Business, under the borrowing money subsection.  It also contains links back to specific topics that may warrant further exploration.  Dig in and enjoy! After you have developed a cash flow analysis and determined […]

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Financing Your Business and Growth

It’s only fitting this section comes after cash flow because cash flow helps you really understand the context of financing needs for a business. For example, is it just a seasonal shortfall or are there other factors driving it such as growth? According to the SBA Office of Advocacy FAQ’s, dated February 2014, small business […]

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