Landscape Today.Net Weekly US Weather Outlook for week of February 8th

Fair weather hangs on the far west for a little longer, cold with rain/snow/ice for the central, east and southeast over the next week. See my video weather update here:

How to Attract Quality Customers With Your Landscape Business Website

How to Attract Quality Customers With Your Landscape Business Website

To attract quality customers who are ready to buy, have reasonable expectations, and who pay on time, you need a website that conveys your authority, trustworthiness, and quality of work. Here’s how …

Does Search Engine Optimization Still Work?

You may have heard that “SEO is dead.” Don’t believe it. Although the latest search algorithms have reduced the impact of “old fashioned” search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, like using keywords and link exchanges, good SEO still makes a huge difference. We cut through the hype and give you the straight story.

Core Logic 2016 Economic Outlook Video

CoreLogic Economic Outlook…

As 2015 winds down and many start to prepare for 2016, the forecasting methods and crystal balls will be dusted off. Overall, people say 2015 has been a good year and 2016 holds similar promise. One key driver and indicator according to many contractors is the housing market which has been good this year and will hopefully continue in the coming year. In this video, Frank Nothaft, Chief Economist of CoreLogic, helps to take a little of the guess work out. He covers both the [...]