Landscape Today.Net Weekly US Weather Outlook for week of February 8th

Fair weather hangs on the far west for a little longer, cold with rain/snow/ice for the central, east and southeast over the next week. See my video weather update here:

Hardscape Rammer Tool for Landscape Professionals

For many parts of the country landscape professionals are working on their business plans to improve their sales and more importantly their profits for next year. That often means considering new lines of services that can add more revenue to each project. This new light weight rammer video from Weber MT video caught our eye because it looked like the type of product that might be useful for landscape professionals who do patios and walkways for their residential accounts. These types [...]

Landscape Industry Weather Outlook Through December 17th

A change in the jetstream is coming up to bring more wet weather to the country's heartland. Big winter weather in the Pacific Northwest and the California Sierra's should see some significant snow to help California's drought situation. Big weather changes expected after December 11th.

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Turf Care Supply Announces New Product – AMP-XC

Turf Care Supply, a green industry leader in fertilizers and control products since 1974, has just announced its latest product AMP-XC, a bio-stimulant with extreme plant health benefits. The three primary components in the product are GABA RX, humic and iron and the list of agronomic benefits is impressive. Maintains / adjusts soil PH levels Enhances the plants green color through increased photosynthesis and chlorophyll concentrations Stimulates root growth leading to thicker and more stable turf Temperature and drought hardiness, improving turfs ability [...]