Landscape Today.Net Weekly US Weather Outlook for week of February 8th

Fair weather hangs on the far west for a little longer, cold with rain/snow/ice for the central, east and southeast over the next week. See my video weather update here:

Landscape Industry Weather Outlook Through December 17th

A change in the jetstream is coming up to bring more wet weather to the country's heartland. Big winter weather in the Pacific Northwest and the California Sierra's should see some significant snow to help California's drought situation. Big weather changes expected after December 11th.

6 Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Bad Hire

Here is a really good quick read from Entrepreneur magazine as it relates to on boarding new employees to your business. Turnover and poor performers can suck your business dry fast! Even though there is a lot of seasonal turn over in the landscape industry the six factors the author covers in this article are still valid. Building the best team around you goes a long way in building your financial performance. Don't let recruiting mistakes cost your bottom line. Here are [...]


Landscape Business Plan SWOT Analysis

Whether you are preparing your landscape business plan, or updating your current business plan, keeping an updated SWOT Analysis provides value to your company.