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A Study of 14,000 Businesses Reveals How You Should Not Be Spending Your Time

In an analysis of more than 14,000 businesses, a new study finds the most valuable companies take a contrarian approach to the boss doing the selling. Who does the selling in your business? My guess is that when you’re personally involved in doing the selling, your business is a whole lot more profitable than the months when you leave the selling to others. That makes sense because you’re likely the most passionate advocate for your business. You have the most industry [...]

Tip To Improve Cash Flow & Company Value

You already know that your company’s revenue and profits play a big role in the value of your landscape business but do you know the impact of cash flow and your landscape business valuation? Cash flow is different than profits in that it measures the cash coming in and out of your landscape business rather than an accounting interpretation of your profit and loss. For example, if you charge $10,000 upfront for a job or service that takes you three months [...]

How to Attract Quality Customers With Your Landscape Business Website

How to Attract Quality Customers With Your Landscape Business Website

To attract quality customers who are ready to buy, have reasonable expectations, and who pay on time, you need a website that conveys your authority, trustworthiness, and quality of work. Here’s how …

Landscape Industry Weather Outlook December 14

Landscape Industry Weather Outlook Stormy in the west, snowy and cold in the Rockies, some colder weather and snow for the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes. Pacific Northwest continues to get hammered with precipitation from the strong jet stream bring a lot of mountain snows. Rain is expected in drought stricken California. DayWeather thinks the current precipitation forecast is understated and SoCal can see more rain than what is currently forecasted click here to read. Great Lakes area should see [...]

Does Search Engine Optimization Still Work?

You may have heard that “SEO is dead.” Don’t believe it. Although the latest search algorithms have reduced the impact of “old fashioned” search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, like using keywords and link exchanges, good SEO still makes a huge difference. We cut through the hype and give you the straight story.