Business Resources

Business Resources

The resources provided here represent an on-going effort to find and share valuable business oriented information that will benefit the small business owner.

Almost all of the links below are to external websites. Our goal is to continue to review and find sources for the small business professional.




Accounting and Finance

Small Business Accounting

Cash Flow and Management

Financing Growth and Business


Human Resources

Training and Development

Note:  Many state and local associations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies offer outstanding training as well.  Please see those sections of this Resource page to check on training materials.  Also, there are many very good sites similar to and they can be very cost effective.

Compensation and Benefits

Compliance and Safety



 Other Operations




Business Planning

Economic Data

Market, Industry and Business Research

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Ideas For Your Business

Pricing Products and Services






Website and Social Media



Radio TV and Print

Job Site and Fleet




Small Busines Sites

Why Businesses Fail