Company Description

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The company description portion of your business plan provides you and other stakeholders of your business a good synopsis of what business you are in, what problems you are going to solve, how your expertise will satisfy needs within the market and more.

Even if you are updating your business plan just for yourself, or this is your first business plan, you should write your company description for a reader who is looking to invest or lend money to your business.

Landscape industry surveys have shown that landscape professionals become frustrated with the lack of access to capital to help run and grow their business. By having a well thought out business plan, which includes this business description, your chances at receiving access to more capital improves.

Your executive summary comes before the company description in your business plan, and if your executive summary was written in a manner that is compelling enough for a potential vendor or investor to get to the company description, you will want your company description to cover key critical pieces of information.