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Contribute your expertise and knowledge to other small businesses in the landscape trade.

  • Share industry information that will benefit the small business person in the landscape industry - whether it is a business solution, technical knowledge or just practical business tips.
  • Share Your Information at the Regional or National level -  at Landscape Today we can share your information at either the national or regional level.
  • Anyone in the landscape trade can contribute, because Landscape Today is for our industry.

    In The Landscape Industry There's A Lot Of Information Out There, But Is It Relevant to Your Business?

A small business person needs access to relevant information about the industry business circumstances.

Whether you are a landscape professional, a supplier, a manufacturer, an educational or a government institution, being a contributor brings your area of expertise to the industry.  Help landscape professionals find solutions, and grow their business.

​Most of what a landscape professional has to deal with is based on his geographic region. While there are some products and services which are national in scope, many of the problems a landscape contractor faces are regional or local.  

Landscape Today provides you the opportunity to speak to regional or national concerns. While many of the problems a landscape contractor may face in California are similar to problems a contractor may face in New York, the solutions are usually found with regional experts, and regional solutions.

Help the local landscape professional find with your expertise and knowledge by becoming a contributor to Landscape Today.​

“Being a Landscape Today contributor is good for your business and your professional reputation. By posting regional and relevant posts to Landscape Today you help regional landscape professionals get the information they need and put a positive spotlight on you and your business."

Contribute as little or as much as you would like, but every day a professional landscape has a problem to solve and needs national and regional resources to turn to. So, how do you get started at sharing your expertise to your local landscape professionals?

How it works and you’ll get the following benefits:

You're the Expert

You have a lot of experience and knowledge about your part of the landscape profession. Share it! Taking some time to put down your knowledge and share it will help you establish yourself and your company as a go to resource.

Regional Solutions

Solving a problem and bringing solutions to landscape professionals is almost always a regional issue.  Hardiness zones, soil composition, plant material, local suppliers of mulches, soil, amendments, stone, sod - and more - it all happens at the regional or local level. Help people find the best solution to their problems.        

Reach New Contacts

While you are already very knowledgeable about your subject area, there are a lot of people who might not know who you are, or what solutions you may be able to bring.  By becoming a contributor, you will be discovered by more professionals within the landscape industry.

"Establish your authority and make a difference..."

"By posting educational articles and pictures on subject matter you excel in, you can help the landscape business professional get information quickly that can help his business. We're not looking for articles which read like advertisements. We are looking for articles from people like you that are authorities on your subject matter. Your company, government or educational institution will receive proper attribution helping you get important information to such a fragmented industry."

- Tom Childers (Founder of Landscape Today)

    What is Your Speciality? Our Community Needs Your Expertise to Help Grow Their Landscape Business!

"Where's Your Passion? We're interested in every subject which helps the small landscape company grow and manage his business."

Successful and profitable businesses can provide their experiences and expertise to the Landscape Today community.  Sharing knowledge and best business practices improves the overall business climate. 

By making Landscape Today more of an open source community for the industry, together we can build a digital resource in one place for the landscape professional.

There are a lot of subjects landscape professional need help in - ranging from human resources, bidding, estimating, technical assistance with product in the field - the subject range is large and wide. We are looking for authoritative voices who can make a difference.

How Does Being A Contributor  Work?

When You Contribute Posts Your Articles Appear in Regional or National Sections

"You article can appear in the Landscape Today geographic zone that is closest to you...or nationally"

There are different Landscape Today regions where we can bring a mixture of local and national topics to benefit the landscape professional. Together we can target the right content to the right area.

Your Expert Articles Go Through An Editorial Review

We believe the Landscape Today community wants valuable and easy to understand information that can benefit their business - not a blatant advertising write-up.  Our editors will review the articles just to make sure the subject matter is valid and the content is valuable to our community.

  • You establish credibility for you and your organization by sharing your specific industry expertise.  Landscape professionals need all of these different types of resources to help them grow their business and be profitable.
  • You and your company will be given credit for your contributions and an email link will be provided to you so the community can reach out to you if they want to!

Images Tell Stories, Share Pictures and Educate More!

You can add informative images along with your posts.

The Landscape Industry is a very image driven industry.  You can post images with your posts that help convey the message you are writing about. 

A picture can be worth a thousand words!


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