Home Equity & The Existing Residential Market – A $6 Trillion Improvement

  Home equity in the U.S. has improved $6 trillion since the recession and 61 million people now have 25% or more in home equity.  Compare that to where we were a few years ago and we have come light years! Those are huge and impressive numbers but what does that mean to the landscaping industry? It means the existing residential market is healthy in numbers and dollars (I know I beat this to death last week but one more). Homeowner's [...]

Artificial Plastic Lures

Sustainability and Water Quality Are Impacted In So Many Ways – Including Your Fishing Habits!

In this industry, we work hard preaching sustainability, water conservation, and good stewardship. We work even harder practicing it on our jobs. That’s why when I stumbled on this data about what many of us in this industry do in our precious, little spare time, I felt compelled to share (many of you are well aware I am sure, but wow!). Soft artificial baits are wreaking havoc in the water Your Domain Name. These baits are made soft by a plasticizer know [...]

Recurring Revenue Continuous Circle

Your Business Benefits In More Than One Way From Recurring Revenue

As everyone knows, repeat customers are fabulous in any business...especially the landscape business! They give us predictability and peace of mind by providing recurring revenue and a steady cash flow. In fact, this is why so many of you zero in on customers like builders, property managers and real estate professionals and why you offer services like maintenance and lawn care. As we go into 2016 and beyond, challenge yourself to really think about recurring revenue and its impact on your business. It helps [...]


Industry News From “Smarty Pontz”

Lawn & Garden Retail Sales Forecast We expect core lawn and garden product retailer sales to grow by an average of 4.7% to 5.5% in 2016 with some product categories exceeding a 6% growth over 2015. This very positive outlook is based on multiple factors including the basics of an overall improvement in the economy , increase in average wages, increased disposable income generated by lower gas prices, growing consumer confidence and greater credit availability . Historically, weather and housing have [...]

Core Logic 2016 Economic Outlook Video

CoreLogic Economic Outlook…

As 2015 winds down and many start to prepare for 2016, the forecasting methods and crystal balls will be dusted off. Overall, people say 2015 has been a good year and 2016 holds similar promise. One key driver and indicator according to many contractors is the housing market which has been good this year and will hopefully continue in the coming year. In this video, Frank Nothaft, Chief Economist of CoreLogic, helps to take a little of the guess work out. He covers both the [...]