Artificial Plastic Lures

Sustainability and Water Quality Are Impacted In So Many Ways – Including Your Fishing Habits!

In this industry, we work hard preaching sustainability, water conservation, and good stewardship. We work even harder practicing it on our jobs. That’s why when I stumbled on this data about what many of us in this industry do in our precious, little spare time, I felt compelled to share (many of you are well aware I am sure, but wow!). Soft artificial baits are wreaking havoc in the water Your Domain Name. These baits are made soft by a plasticizer know [...]


Industry News From “Smarty Pontz”

Lawn & Garden Retail Sales Forecast We expect core lawn and garden product retailer sales to grow by an average of 4.7% to 5.5% in 2016 with some product categories exceeding a 6% growth over 2015. This very positive outlook is based on multiple factors including the basics of an overall improvement in the economy , increase in average wages, increased disposable income generated by lower gas prices, growing consumer confidence and greater credit availability . Historically, weather and housing have [...]