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How To Stop A Marketing Wipeout

Generating new leads, driving new business opportunities is what marketing is all about, but it remains a mystery for most business owners. They spend a lot of money on campaigns or tactics and end up with nothing to show for it – often it’s a complete wipeout! That’s not to say that marketing doesn’t work…clearly it does for a lot of companies. However if YOUR marketing isn’t working, it may be time to change up the way you approach the idea. Think [...]

Generation Me – Taking Over In Many Ways!

Cover Photo Crop From Jean Twenge’s book, Generation Me Which generation is projected to be the largest at the end of the year (numbering just over 75 million)? Which generation makes up more than a third of the homebuyers (and is the youngest generation of buyers)? Which generation makes up more than 1 in 3 workers in America and is the largest share of the workforce? Which generation turns to social media and the internet for their ideas, inspiration and information? Which generation gets called [...]

Home Equity & The Existing Residential Market – A $6 Trillion Improvement

  Home equity in the U.S. has improved $6 trillion since the recession and 61 million people now have 25% or more in home equity.  Compare that to where we were a few years ago and we have come light years! Those are huge and impressive numbers but what does that mean to the landscaping industry? It means the existing residential market is healthy in numbers and dollars (I know I beat this to death last week but one more). Homeowner's [...]

Recurring Revenue Continuous Circle

Your Business Benefits In More Than One Way From Recurring Revenue

As everyone knows, repeat customers are fabulous in any business...especially the landscape business! They give us predictability and peace of mind by providing recurring revenue and a steady cash flow. In fact, this is why so many of you zero in on customers like builders, property managers and real estate professionals and why you offer services like maintenance and lawn care. As we go into 2016 and beyond, challenge yourself to really think about recurring revenue and its impact on your business. It helps [...]


A Study of 14,000 Businesses Reveals How You Should Not Be Spending Your Time

In an analysis of more than 14,000 businesses, a new study finds the most valuable companies take a contrarian approach to the boss doing the selling. Who does the selling in your business? My guess is that when you’re personally involved in doing the selling, your business is a whole lot more profitable than the months when you leave the selling to others. That makes sense because you’re likely the most passionate advocate for your business. You have the most industry [...]