Generation Me – Taking Over In Many Ways!

Cover Photo Crop From Jean Twenge’s book, Generation Me Which generation is projected to be the largest at the end of the year (numbering just over 75 million)? Which generation makes up more than a third of the homebuyers (and is the youngest generation of buyers)? Which generation makes up more than 1 in 3 workers in America and is the largest share of the workforce? Which generation turns to social media and the internet for their ideas, inspiration and information? Which generation gets called [...]

Core Values and Your Brand

Your landscape business may be a very small enterprise, and so you might not have spent much time considering or documenting what your company's core values are. Defining core values and making them a part of your company's culture is an important part of building your brand. Every big business was small once, and well articulated core values can serve as important guide posts on your company's journey. Today, if your business is enjoying some success, you most likely are already operating [...]

Be Consistent and Meet Expectations

Your brand is more than a decal on your trucks. A large part of building a brand comes through delivering a consistent customer experience and meeting the expectations your customers have for your company and for the landscape industry. Consider the now decades old reputation of the "cable guy." At some point, cable TV operators developed the reputation of being unreliable, not on time and unprofessional.  To overcome that reputation, cable companies could only improve their brand by being able to [...]

walmart price signage

Brands and Pricing – Is There a Relationship?

Your brand ultimately influences what people expect from your company and this in turn impacts how people respond to your pricing.   If your brand is different in a good way, your price difference might be acceptable.  If your brand is not different, you are in the crises of similarity yet you are trying to price differently. You pick up a black and white copy of a flier taped to your mail box and it says call today for a free quote, [...]

brand symbol using Mercedes

What Does a Brand Do For You?

In the marketing world, perhaps no other term gets thrown around more than branding. It is big, it is bold, somewhat nebulous, and it means different things to different people. Some think of a brand as a logo, some think it as advertising, some think it is whatever the customers perceives it to be and the list goes on. For our purposes, we will use Seth Godin’s definition, “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, [...]