Landscape Networking Opportunities

  In a business driven by referrals, you need to develop a list of every group or organization you might be able to participate in to build your professional network. Here is a list of different groups to consider getting involved in: Trade Associations - The landscape industry has a lot of local and national trade associations you can participate in. You will find that the quantity and size of the trade associations can vary based on your location. However, trade associations [...]

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Networking Your Business

Long before Facebook, LinkedIn and other Internet based social networks, there were in person business networks. These were groups of business people that would get together every so often and share information, leads, insights, contacts, and more as a way to help each other out.  A personal experience with one was back in 1986. This particular group only allowed one person per occupation and we would meet every so often.  You had to have three or so leads for others [...]