sales funnel

Understanding Your Sales Pipeline

  Your sales pipeline is made of each and every sales opportunity you are pursuing.  Think of it as a visual depiction of the business you are trying to win over time. The more opportunities you put in the pipeline, the more sales you will eventually realize.  In the above funnel illustration, you see it takes a lot of prospects to get a few good customers.  Bottom line, your future revenues are determined by what you are doing now. In a lot [...]

Landscape Networking Opportunities

  In a business driven by referrals, you need to develop a list of every group or organization you might be able to participate in to build your professional network. Here is a list of different groups to consider getting involved in: Trade Associations - The landscape industry has a lot of local and national trade associations you can participate in. You will find that the quantity and size of the trade associations can vary based on your location. However, trade associations [...]

sales process is a yes no maybe

Sales Processes and Management

As a green industry contractor, you must have an adequate revenue stream to survive long term. How you build this revenue stream will largely be driven by your decisions on what products and services to offer combined with the market - or markets -  you choose to target.  Some contractors zero in on just residential maintenance or lawn care, others want to focus on design build, commercial work, or, some want to do just residential builder work. The list goes on. Regardless of [...]

blue print

Getting Started With Presentations

Presentations & Proposals, in landscaping?  Yes because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and in this industry, this is an area we don’t spend a lot of time on.  Maybe it is because we view our end product or service as the ultimate presentation or presentation enough.  Who knows, but whatever the reason, this is an area worth spending some time on. For starters, presentations can have many different objectives and purposes.  They can be [...]