6 Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Bad Hire

Here is a really good quick read from Entrepreneur magazine as it relates to on boarding new employees to your business. Turnover and poor performers can suck your business dry fast! Even though there is a lot of seasonal turn over in the landscape industry the six factors the author covers in this article are still valid. Building the best team around you goes a long way in building your financial performance. Don't let recruiting mistakes cost your bottom line. Here are [...]


Recruiting Ideas and Resources

You not only survived the recession but business is rocking! You knew staffing would be a challenge but you had no idea it would be this tough. Between people leaving the industry (especially during the recession) and the immigration reform backlashes, i.e. H2B, it is the top challenge for many in the green industry today (see this post for a full explanation of the severity of the problem). First and foremost, you must maintain a desired work place status with [...]

Landscape Contractor Recruiting Labor

Small Business Advantages and Challenges When Recruiting

Small business has always had its advantages and challenges in the never ending battle for talent and labor. Add to that the current labor shortage in our industry and it's tough. The recent ramp up in activity has made things even tougher. While the labor markets won't be fixed overnight, a refresher on the challenges of recruiting as a small business might help. We'll start with the challenges as a small business. 1.   Often we can't pay as well as large [...]


Attracting and Retaining Talent – A Top 2015 Risk According to Travelers

Everywhere you turn in our industry, attracting and retaining employees is on the list of top concerns.  In fact, it is number one in many people's mind.  Makes you wonder if we alone or are other industries in a similar bind? According to the Travelers 2015 Business Risk Index Summary, we are not alone.  "Attracting & Retaining Talent" is number five on Travelers risk index list and "U.S. businesses are increasingly worried about the challenge of finding and retaining skilled labor, [...]