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If you want one place to turn to get all your critical information, you found it. This is the place to find supply and input cost trends, pest outlooks, gas prices, macro economic trends, fertilizer, PVC, plants, and much more. In many cases, we just link to other sites and resources but it is all in one easy to find place. No need to remember or bookmark URL’s. Not only do we have it at the national but we have much of it at the the regional and local level too. You finally have news you can use to help you run your green industry business more effectively.

Supply Cost Information

Market Gas Prices

$2.03 vs. $2.77

Source: – click here to find lowest gas prices in your area.

Current Pest Outlooks

  • Very little pest activity in the interior, non-coastal areas, and the east coast (except Florida)
  • Some crabgrass, dollar spot, poa annua, rust, and take all patch activity in southern extremities and pacific coast.
  • Source: Syngenta GreenCast – click here to see maps by pest.

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