Marketing Your Landscape Business


hand-895588_1920You can find many different definitions for marketing. For your landscape business marketing might be loosely defined as a combination of the different activities and processes you put in place to deliver your business offering in a manner that provides value to your clients, your business partners and the health of your business.

profitable landscape business

Profitable Landscape Services

Finding new products and services to offer new and existing clients can play an important role in improving the revenue and profitability of your landscape company.


Resources For Landscape Business Development

With just a few strategic links to government databases you can obtain fast demographic information on markets. Find your target NAICS code and quickly get demographic information – resources landscape business development


Landscape Business Development Ideas – Party!

Landscape business development ideas – Earn more landscape customer referrals by hosting a party for your clients once the project is over! Introduction into the law of reciprocration.


Landscape Business Plan SWOT Analysis

Whether you are preparing your landscape business plan, or updating your current business plan, keeping an updated SWOT Analysis provides value to your company.


Strategy Overview

What is strategy in business and does the landscape professional need to be concerned about having a written strategy? Business strategy may sound like a subject that belongs with the concerns of bigger organizations who need to set a broader strategic course for their organization. But even a small business with just a few employees would […]

Marketing vs. Strategy

How different is marketing different from strategy? These business subjects have blurry lines between them for the small business owner for a good reason – they are interconnected. As a small business owner you have to consider when and how to separate the subjects and also be able to know when you need to consider […]

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Marketing Strategies

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