Processes and Scheduling

Processes and Scheduling

clock-933311_1920The difference between real success and failure in the green industry can often come down to processes and scheduling.  These are two critical areas that involve working on the business and not just in it.  Granted, you have to have in-depth knowledge of all the tasks and the sequence but it requires stopping and really thinking through things. In this section we will offer some articles and resources that can help.

Reflect on Landscape Survey Results as it Pertains to Your Business.

There are a lot of questions here that are under your control as a business owner that can help you attract the better candidates to hire. You can sit back and blame the overall quality of the labor market, or you can put your attention on the factors which are under your control.

time management

Time Management

What a great quote and how logical and easy it appears.  However, in reality it is one of the hardest things we face in life and many brilliant people have dedicated their lives to help us here.  Think of Steven Covey and two of his seminal works, “Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People” and “Putting First Things First”.   […]


A Developmental Approach to Time Management

“Time and tide wait on no man” as the saying goes. Not only is it painfully true but it is the ultimate motivation behind the discipline of time management. The discipline of time management is one of the hardest and most important we face in life.  Those that do work on it and make progress will […]

Landscape Business Fail

Why Landscape Businesses Fail

The reasons were, in this order, self-reliance, drive-by estimating, operational inefficiencies, lack of repeat customers, and an inability to replicate a profitable business model. The article also pointed out that only 15% of the small businesses (SMB) survive beyond their first five years. While this statistic is sobering, it really is not a surprise. Also, knowing this industry and the fact this article was coming from someone selling a time tested franchise system, U.S. Lawns, the article ultimately inspired some deeper research into why small businesses fail.

Detroit Area Landscape Professional Gains ISO 9001/SN9001 Certification

Troy Clogg Landscape Associates Certified in ISO 9001/SN9001 Wixom, MI—November 24, 2015—Troy Clogg Landscape Associates, a renowned metro Detroit snow removal and landscaping company, announced today it has been certified in the ISO 9001/SN9001 standard from the Smithers Quality Assessment for superior quality management services in the snow and ice management industry. The certification is […]

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