Cold Weather Precautions Needed With Your PVC Glue

As cold weather approaches, most things need a little extra time to warm up, including solvent weld joints.  Weld-On, a leader in quality glue and irrigation accessory products, offers the below cold weather tips. Weld-On's complete video library is available 24 7 on its new website.  Use this as an in house training resource for your irrigation employees or just as a reference when needed.    

The Newest Tool To Aid In The Western Water World – Dropcountr

What’s new in the world of irrigation you ask? How about an app that tells you how well you are actually doing against your water usage goals? Integrated right into meter with real time updates and messages. It’s here and it’s called Dropcountr. According to the press release, “…they are the leading provider of digital water conservation solutions, and have released the first flagship utility product CLEAR, a meter-agnostic Meter Data Management (MDM) platform that enables utilities to efficiently [...]

Irrigation Replacement Opportunities With Sprayheads

Older spray irrigation systems are good prospects for audits and potential water savings and smart irrigation products should be considered in the upgrade decision. Some times the water savings alone can help justify the investment to upgrade, but regardless, as water stewards and professionals, this is an area worth thinking about. If your market has lots of old systems, here are some initial ideas on how to approach the process.