LED Christmas Lights

Christmas – A Great Time To Remind People of LED Virtues

The green industry has worked hard the past few years to promote LED lighting installs and retrofits over older lighting technologies.  Why?  Because as an industry, we know the economic and environmental advantages of LED lighting...and it is the right thing to do. Guess what other industry is sharing in our mission?  Yep, Christmas lighting! So when this Statista post hit the inbox...had to share. The difference between LED and incandescent Christmas light costs are staggering.  Not big numbers mind you, but [...]

Landscape Lighting Business Opportunities

There is one statement you can make with confidence about working in the landscape industry - there are plenty of specialized segments you could focus on to grow your business. Landscape lighting is an awfully good choice to consider. Before you even consider how to make landscapes and architectural just simply beautiful at night, take a look into some of the larger macro economic trends you might consider when doing a PEST Analysis for this product category. A PEST analysis is [...]