Growth Ideas

Growth Ideas

GrowthIdeasGrowth ideas abound but good ones are scarce and take time to make happen. Broken down in the most fundamental view, growth only occurs in two ways. You get more customers and/or you sell more to existing customers. 

Of course, growth ideas should always be balanced against profitability considerations.  

Irrigation as a Service Offering

As landscape professionals continue to look for ways to keep their revenue stream consistent throughout the year, irrigation service work can be very profitable, but like any other service offering, there is more to it than you might consider.


Mulch – An Ongrowing Service

It is no secret that mulching as a gardening practice is more popular than ever. Cars with trunks open and full of bags, bulk piles in the driveway, wheelbarrows, pitchforks, and people laboring in the yard. All followed by the neighborhood spring get together with people griping about aching backs and spreading mulch all weekend. […]

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Growth and Strategy

Sometimes businesses forget the very simple principle that it is easier to sell a new product to an existing customer than it is to go out and find a new customer. There is a cost associated with acquiring each new customer in your business. Once you have gained a new customer you will want to […]

Field Mapping Technology Can Benefit Your Business

Landscape irrigation and snow removal companies can benefit from using landscape and irrigation mapping software to build their business through better documentation and communication tools with property managers.

Landscape Lighting – New service

Adding landscape lighting installation and maintenance as another service offering can help your bottom line grow. But like any other service offering you consider taking on, you want to make sure you have a good understanding of what it will take to be successful. Like so many different landscape service subjects, landscape lighting has subject areas […] Read More

Landscape irrigation overview landscape companies

Landscape irrigation overview Adding irrigation as a business service offering Irrigation installation, repair and auditing is a business service offering within the landscape industry. Each service offering you look to incorporate into your business contains a number of different skills and subject categories. Your level of expertise in each of these categories is going to […] Read More

Hydretain – a landscape service idea

Hydretain – Are you up to speed on the product Hydretain, which is sometimes labeled Moisture Manager? Do you offer a spring time application of moisture manager?  Great service to offer. A patented blend of liquid humectant and hygroscopic compounds attract free water molecules from the air within the soil matrix, acting like tiny water magnets. […] Read More

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Native Plant Material – A Landscape Service To Offer

Serious droughts in several parts of the country have property owners more conscious of the role that native plant material plays in the design and development of landscape installations. Native plants have over time been able to adjust and thrive in their local climates and soil conditions. Native plant material will then fare better on their […] Read More

Soil Testing – A Landscape Service To Offer

Providing soil testing as a part of your services is not only a best practice, but it can significantly separate your business from your competition. In designing your business plans, you look for ways to differentiate yourself from your competition and earn higher profit margins. Once you start to break down all of the benefits […] Read More

Turf and Mulch Paint – A landscape service to offer

At the bottom of the housing crisis, property managers were faced with vacant homes where lawns weren’t being irrigated and the grass was dead. That sure didn’t help the curb appeal to sell that home! Many of these property managers discovered turf paint, or better stated a turf dye, that could be applied to give […] Read More