Turf and Mulch Paint – A landscape service to offer

the-ball-488709_1280At the bottom of the housing crisis, property managers were faced with vacant homes where lawns weren’t being irrigated and the grass was dead. That sure didn’t help the curb appeal to sell that home!

Many of these property managers discovered turf paint, or better stated a turf dye, that could be applied to give the appearance of a beautiful green lawn. Turf and mulch dyes can be a part of the services you offer within your landscape company. These dyes can give almost instantly improve the appearance of lawns.

Consider your warm season grasses which go dormant in the winter. Why not have that lawn look great all year? Apply some turf dye to your customer’s lawn. What about the mulch you put down last year, but the mulch or bark has lost some of its vibrant colors? Your property owners probably don’t want to pay for new mulch, but they would probably be receptive to a mulch dye application.

What about the base of trees where you see the sprinklers have discolored the bark on the base of trees? You guessed it! There is a dye for that as well.

Turf and mulch dyes as a part of your landscape maintenance service offerings can be a supplemental part of a predictable revenue stream which can help maintain your company’s cash flow.  If you decide that this can be a service you offer, be sure to make it a part of your company’s presentation materials, and make sure to include this service on your company’s website. You can help your customer’s immediately improve the look of their turf and mulch beds before their next big event.