Service and Product Lines


Your business plan will include a section on the services and product lines your business provides. You will want to write this section in a manner that your target customer will understand.

This is another opportunity to make sure you have narrowed your business to a specific target customer by articulating what products and services you are going to offer. This part of your business plan can also talk about what you are not going to offer. By writing down both what products and services you will and will not offer, the person reading your business plan will fully understand your goals.

For example, if you were to put in your business plan that “your company will provide landscape services to residential homeowners” this is very broad.

A more specific statement will be more along the lines of “our company will provide landscape construction for residential homeowners which will include irrigation systems, outdoor lighting and nursery planting. However, our company will not provide installation of retaining walls, interlocking pavers and barbeque islands. For those services, we will provide our customers references to other contractors or we will provide these services by subcontracting this type of installation and provide warranty support on subcontracted installations. We will provide warranty on our installations for a period of 90 days after the project end date. We will not warranty nursery material if our customers chose to not have an irrigation system installed.”

Include additional benefits

Be sure to articulate extra benefits and services you will offer that will set you apart from your competition. Again it is important to state what your company will and will not provide.  It is better to write down too many items and then edit your list. For example are you going to provide customers a CAD design, a project rendering or just a joint visit to the local nursery to come up with design ideas?

By taking the time to list your services and offerings, you will elevate yourself over your competition. You will develop a more robust profile of your company. There are a lot of things you can do to differentiate your business from the competition.

Because your business plan is a living document that addresses not only your business now but what it will look like in three to five years, you can also list out what additional products and services you intend to add as you move forward with your business.

Taking the time to do this will also provide you foundational work for creating your marketing proposals, your advertising material and even information you could use on your company’s website.