Before You Start Writing A Business Plan

Why are You Writing This Plan?

Starting a landscape business means you are going to need to write a business plan.

Let’s stop and consider why you are starting this business. You may have been working for a larger company and you  know you got the technical skills to get a job done right, and you have been successfully managing some labor. Or perhaps you have strong product knowledge in agronomics, horticulture or just a passion for gardening.

Before you run out and buy a new truck or a new mowing machine, you will be need to write a business plan. A business plan is easier to write for an existing business because an established business already has customers and some revenue. But since you are just getting started it might be difficult to find the right place to start. A basic element of a business plan is to be able to write a solid company description.

Let’s think for a second who this company description is for – first and foremost it is for you. Because if you can’t write down in clear concise words the description of your business you have some more soul searching and research to do. You have to make your written company description clear because you will have other stakeholders in your business.

It is important to consider who the stakeholders will be now and in the future. Right now, a stakeholder may be someone who is providing you financial help in getting started. A stakeholder could also be your spouse or children who depend on you. As your business moves forward consider stakeholders to be anyone who will have a vested interest in your future success or failure.

All of the potential stakeholders in your business startup should be able to read and understand your company description. The input potential stakeholders will provide will help you make the company description you write more meaningful.